Adult Education


Trinity is a church that encourages discipleship. Part of that means allowing other people to pour into your life and to help you grow in Christ. Our Sunday morning Adult Education is a great opportunity for discipleship. Find the right class at the right campus and get started this Sunday!

Oceanfront Adult Education

Resources for further study of Revelation

The Book of Revelation Study led by Pastor Scott Hoffman was completed in June and members requested resources for further study.  Here is a list of a broad range of resources - those used or recomended during the study are marked with a *.

The Revelation of JohnWilliam Barclay (1959)

RevelationEugene Boring (1989)

The Revelation of St. John the DivineGeorge Caird (1968)

The Church Under Fire -  David Ewert (1988)

*You Can Understand the Book of Revelation -  Skip Heitzig (1982)

The Apocalypse of JohnSean Kealy (1989)

RevelationCraig Keener

Revelation (2 vols) – John MacArthur

*Breaking the CodeBruce Metzger (1993)

RevelationLeon Morris

The Book of RevelationRobert Mounce (1977)

*RevelationPaige Patterson

Revelation:  Vision of a Just WorldFiorenza Schussler (1991)

What Christ Thinks of the ChurchJohn Stott (1958)

RevelationJ.P. Sweet  (1979)

Revelation (2 vols)Robert Thomas

RevelationRobert Wall (1991)


Town Center Adult Education

Sundays, 9:00 am Westin Crescent Room, first floor behind the restaurant 

Which book of the Old Testament explains principles of child rearing and family life that still apply today? Deuteronomy.  Which book helps us understand the critical New Testament concept of covenant? Deuteronomy.  Which book, other than Psalms, did Jesus quote the most? Deuteronomy.  Which book are we studying in Adult Ed? Deuteronomy! Please join us!