Spirit-led and Elder-governed

Trinity is a church that is governed by the oversight of a group of elders selected by the church leadership and body. Elders are chosen based on the criteria of I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. These elders rely on the Holy Spirit to lead them as they advise church staff and guide the vision and mission of Trinity.

New elders are vetted by the Elder Board and then presented to the church for congregational input. Elders serve for 3-4 years and meet monthly to pray over and discuss the work of Trinity Church. Below you will see our current elders and the ministry responsibilities they oversee. 


Alan Blomdahl
Worship, Communion, and Altar Guild
David Colonna
LightHouse and TC First Impressions
Steve Davis
Facilitator; Leadership
Danny Dunaway
Prayer and Personnel Committee

Jeff Fetzer
Secretary and Men's Ministry

Steve Fitschen
Jeff Gangel
Ministry and Teaching Pastor

Matt Marshall
PA First Impressions and Personnel Committee
Bill McGaw
Trinity Outreach and Missions

Ron Rash
Administration, Finance Committee, Personnel Committee, and Benevolence

Randy Singer
Vision and Teaching Pastor

Bob Stack
First Impressions (Oceanfront), Women's Ministry and Personnel