Stewardship & Giving

Everything we have is from God and belongs to God. We are stewards; He is the owner. When giving, a steward is simply returning a portion of what God has given and does so with gladness that comes from gratitude. This is true of us as individuals and as the collective body of Trinity Church. Tithing is the biblical foundation and cornerstone of stewardship. The tithe is the floor, not the ceiling for giving. It is for many people, the single most fundamental step in transforming attitudes and actions concerning money and possessions. The tithe is established in the Old Testament (Leviticus 27:30 and elsewhere) and endorsed by Jesus in the New Testament (Matthew 23:23). We do not believe that the local church is due the full tithe because we do not believe that the local church is comparable to the “Storehouse” of the Old Testament. There are other Christian endeavors worthy of support. We believe that the tithe can be distributed among Kingdom causes, but a person’s church home should be a primary recipient.

If you call Trinity Church your home, feel free to take advantage of our online giving program by clicking the logo to the right.

New Online Giving System

Trinity Church is using a NEW online giving platform. This platform makes it easy to give online and has options to set-up recurring payments or give to multiple funds. Please be aware that this is different from our old platform. New Platform FAQs:

Q: I already use recurring giving online in the old system, do I have set up recurring giving in the new system?
A: Yes, please contact Elizabeth Ward (, 757-567-3105) to close your account in the old system.

Q: Will my previous records still be available?
A: Yes. All previous giving records are retained and available from the church.

Q: How will I receive my records of giving?
A: At year end you will receive two records of giving, one from the old system through April 2016 and one from the new system beginning May 2016.

Q: Will I receive acknowledgement of receipt of my donation?
A: Yes, you will be emailed a receipt for each donation whether you give online or in the offering plate.

Q: Does online giving cost the church money?
A: Yes, we pay a discount fee and processing fee on each transaction. To avoid this you may set up electronic bill pay through your banks website.

Questions? Contact Elizabeth Ward at or at 757.567.3105

Online Giving

 Please click below to give online. 

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