Adult Education


Trinity is a church that encourages discipleship. Part of that means allowing other people to pour into your life and to help you grow in Christ. Our Sunday morning Adult Education is a great opportunity for discipleship. Find the right class at the right campus and get started this Sunday!

Oceanfront Adult Education

Sundays 10:40 am the Chapel 

The Book of Revelation, a Chapter by Chapter Study led by Pastor Scott Hoffman

Our in-depth look at the Book of Revelation and we have been talking about eternity and the glory of being with Jesus forever.   Here’s something from the class to think about this week:  Heaven is in eternity and eternity has no past, present or future, so when we get to Heaven, everybody who is ever going to be there is already there!  That’s the kind of discussions we’ve been having.  Why not pour a cup of coffee in Fellowship Hall after the worship service and bring it with you when you join us?



Town Center Adult Education

Sundays, 8:45 - 10:00 am Westin Boardroom 

Which book of the Old Testament explains principles of child rearing and family life that still apply today? Deuteronomy.  Which book helps us understand the critical New Testament concept of covenant? Deuteronomy.  Which book, other than Psalms, did Jesus quote the most? Deuteronomy.  Which book are we studying in Adult Ed? Deuteronomy! Please join us!