The Messengers

What is "The Messengers"?

The Messengers have three objectives:

  • To equip, coach and support individuals with the training and tools necessary so they can share their faith with confidence outside the church. We’ll accomplish this through our Share Your Faith class which is packed full of scripture, apologetics and how to’s.

  • To also act as a service arm, or boots on the ground, when needed for church activities such as beach services/baptisms and neighborhood and campus events.

  • And finally, to mobilize a body of believers who will boldly spread the Gospel into their Jerusalem.

How can you get involved?
As a volunteer you can participate in any of the following:

  • Our equipping team – where you are teaching and coaching others.

  • The prayer team – where you pray for individuals and groups that we connect you to.

  • Or our distribution team – as boots on the ground or supporting our other media campaigns.

If the Holy Spirit has been nudging you to get in the game of reaching the “unsaved” we’d love to talk to you. It’s time for us as a church to band together as Co-Laborers of the Gospel and to do our part to reach the lost.

Come join The Messengers!
For more information please e-mail us at