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Trinity Church has firmly embraced and is firmly committed to the multisite “church without walls” model we believe God has called us to. While our original vision was a single location “mega-church” near the Oceanfront where people would come to us, we believe God has directed us to meet people where they are both spiritually and physically by going to them. So while we have rededicated ourselves to maximizing the potential of each of our current locations, we feel the exponential growth the Lord has called us to can best be achieved through a strategic pursuit of additional locations in South Hampton Roads and, Lord willing and directing, perhaps beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Downtown Norfolk?

First, we already have a number of attendees who live in Norfolk, and Norfolk seemed to be the next logical extension down the 264 corridor that serves as the “spine” of South Hampton Roads. Norfolk is the second largest city in the region, and its Downtown area has become both an economic and residential growth area, undergoing an amazing revitalization. Also, as we analyzed our strengths, we realized that the demographics of Downtown Norfolk (with its concentration of young singles and young families, military population and its large professional community) was very similar to our Town Center demographic.  We feel uniquely equipped – and therefore uniquely called – to minister to this community and reach its unchurched.

Were other locations in Norfolk considered?

Yes.  We looked at East Ocean View in some detail and considered other areas of Norfolk.  In light of the fit in Downtown Norfolk and the planting of a campus in the North end of Norfolk by another Virginia Beach church, we were led to Downtown.

What kind of due diligence was conducted on this proposed location?

We had an extensive professional analysis performed on the demographics and faith community in the Downtown Norfolk area, which confirmed our observations.  We learned that over 60% of the residents of the Downtown area are not actively involved in any church and while there are other evangelical/non-denominational churches in the area, there is both room and need for a Trinity Campus.  The average age in the Downtown area is 27, and both ODU and the Norfolk Naval Base, as well as Ghent, Larchmont and other Norfolk residential areas, are within the targeted area.

When do we plan to launch the campus?

We anticipate launching the campus in the fall of 2018 (preferably September).

Has a specific location of the campus been determined?

A location has not yet been determined, but we are exploring all options.  This includes the possibility of partnering with the YMCA (like the Princess Anne Campus), using a hotel ballroom (like Town Center) other rented facility or a free-standing structure.   Our hope is to incorporate both worship facilities and office / conference facilities on a full-time basis similar to Princess Anne.

Will there be a Norfolk Campus Pastor?

Yes. We believe a strong Campus Pastor is critical for the success of every campus.  We expect to follow a consistent model where the Campus Pastor will be hired early to assist in the launch of the new campus and will remain dedicated to Campus Pastor duties until the new campus is firmly established.

What is the model for the Norfolk Campus?

We anticipate staffing and structuring the Norfolk Campus in a manner similar to the Princess Anne Campus and in alignment with our new restructuring model.

Will there be a capital campaign to support the Norfolk Campus?

Yes. However, we anticipate launching that campaign when the Norfolk budget is fully developed.  We are currently uncertain of the eventual location, which will be a significant component of the budget.

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