In 2017 we shared our 2020 Vision which included our first international mission campus in Stuttgart, Germany. God had given Tommie Bozich, then our Town Center Campus Pastor, a thought after he watched the first practice video sermon at Trinity, "We could take this anywhere!"


"Anywhere" became Stuttgart and "we" became the Bozich family.  Tommie and Alisa moved their family to Stuttgart in July 2017 and launched the first service in December - nine months ahead of schedule. 


We now have about eighty kids showing up each Sunday, making Stuttgart our largest campus for children. And in April 2018, months before we were even scheduled to launch the campus, we started two services meeting every Sunday at MotorWorld.

Our Stuttgart Campus is about:

  • Kids!
  • Serving our military
  • Reaching the English-speaking community
  • Following God's call even when it seems crazy


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2020 Vision Recap - Stuttgart

Trinity is a "church without walls," launching unconventional campuses in places where God can use us to uniquely present His Gospel. While Trinity has ministered to military families in Virginia Beach since 2007, a campus in Stuttgart allows us to serve the more than 23,000 servicemen and women there, as well as an expanding community of English speaking people. In Stuttgart, much like Virginia Beach, those who will be reached with the Gospel are highly mobile and have the potential to take the message of Jesus Christ all across the globe.

Stuttgart Campus Updates

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