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The mission of the Student Ministry is to come alongside students, teaching them how to grow in their relationship with Jesus, serve others and reach the world with the Gospel. Trinity Church exists to make disciples and is currently pursuing that vision across three campuses, with the desire to add more as the Lord directs. Therefore, there is an ever growing need for intentionality as we seek to serve students at every campus.

We plan to address this need by expanding our ability to reach students and retain a relational ministry at every campus by hiring a Student Ministry Coordinator (SMC) to minister at each specific campus. These SMCs will serve under Grant (Student Ministry Pastor) and Michele (Student Ministry Director) who will train and mentor this next generation of leaders in the skills and heart of Student Ministry. We believe having a dedicated SMC at each campus enables Trinity's Student Ministry to reach students in a more effective and personal way.  We believe the best is yet to come! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will lead the Student Ministry in this transition?

The Student Ministry (SM) will continue to be led by Grant Gubser and Michele Conley. Grant will oversee the vision of the SM as a whole, while continuing to speak on rotation at SNL and SHIFT. Michele will be the Student Ministry Director, managing the day-to-day responsibilities of leading and running all things SM. We will also be hiring three new Student Ministry Coordinators (SMCs) to help expand our reach to middle and high school students.

What is a Student Ministry Coordinator?

A Student Ministry Coordinator (SMC) will be hired part-time to serve the Student Ministry (SM) at Trinity Church. He or she will serve at one specific campus each Sunday morning, and will help lead high school (SNL) and middle school (SHIFT) youth group on Sunday and Wednesday nights respectively. We plan to hire three SMCs this year, and we plan to add more with each new campus. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please download the application HERE!

How does this new model enhance the Student Ministry?

With three campuses, Grant and Michele have been rotating attendance at each campus on Sunday mornings and have been limited in their ability to personally disciple so many students.

Our new model is systematic (easily caught, taught, and replicated), scalable (allows for easy expansion or upgrade with each additional campus), and sustainable (utilizes resources efficiently in order  to prevent burnout and allow for continued ministry growth). Grant and Michele will train and oversee Student Ministry Coordinators (SMC) for each campus, investing in and inviting students into the Student Ministry. The SMCs will share in the leadership responsibilities of calendaring, reaching out to students, leading games, and teaching messages. The SMCs will also be more accessible for students needing intentional discipleship. The Student Ministry will have a larger team more effectively leading and loving all our middle and high school students. Simply put, the benefit to this model is intentionally replicating Grant and Michele’s roles in such a way to allow for a broader and deeper reach among Trinity’s students.

When will this all happen?

We are currently forming a Search Committee for the SMCs. Our goal is to have three SMCs hired before June 1 so they can attend Crossroads summer camp with us. This will be a great way for them to get to know many of our students! Summer also provides an excellent opportunity for SMCs to grow into their new position and develop relationships with students before the regular fall programming begins.

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