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How should I determine what I should give?

Only God can tell you how much to give, but we encourage everyone to seek the Lord and be willing to step out in faith and obedience. If we all do our part and follow the Lord's guidance, we believe we will experience a great victory together. 

How will the $1.65 million be used?

We will invest about 55% of the funds in Trinity's Stuttgart and Norfolk campuses, anticipating they will be self-supporting within three years. We will also invest nearly 20% in our mission efforts in the Middle East and 1Died4All evangelism outreach effort. The remainder will be dedicated to strengthening the Grow ministries at our existing campuses including funding the hiring of full time student pastors. 

When do I make my commitment? For how long?

May 6th is Commitment Sunday and it is the day we will ask the Trinity family to indicate their commitments to our Vision Campaign. The campaign spans two years and we encourage everyone to think about what they can give over that time period. Most of us can increase our giving if we plan carefully and give over time. This is not a pledge or a contract; it is a statement of your prayerful intent and we know circumstances can change during that period of time. 

We recently completed a three year campaign. Can you provide an update on how that money was spent and the kingdom impact of the campaign?

We used much of the funds raised in the Princess Anne Capital Campaign to construct the Princess Anne YMCA gymnasium where we worship and the associated office space. We now have lifetime rights to those facilities and an extraordinarily strong partnership with the Y. We used some of the funds, as planned, to help offset the Princess Anne campus operating costs for the first three years and approximately 10% for missions work. The PA campus now averages 275 a week in attendance, is covering its variable costs and is expected to be fully self-sustaining in the near future.  Because we exceeded our campaign goal, we used the excess to help replenish the Psalm 127 expansion fund which, in turn, was used to help start our Stuttgart campus. 

Can I give it all at once or annually?

You can give however you like. If you prefer not to spread your commitment over two years then, of course, you can give it all at once.  

When do I start giving?

We are asking everyone to begin giving to the Vision Campaign on May 6th. 


How can I give online?

The preferred option is for you to contact your bank to schedule an e-check or repeating payments at your convenience as there are no fees to the church.  Alternately, you can click the banner at the top of this page to give online.  

Important Dates

                   Commitment Sunday                       May 6, 2018


Total Campaign gifts and pledges announced      May 20, 2018

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