The original vision for Trinity was a single location “mega-church” near the Oceanfront.  As our church model evolved from single site to multisite, our staff structure didn’t always evolve with it.  We are now fully committed to the multisite model, so it is time to structure staff appropriately.  As a part of this process, we also wanted to be sure that our people are serving in their areas of giftedness and align with our “Come, Grow, Serve, Reach” functions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are other churches doing what we are doing?

When evaluating our church structure for the 2020 vision, we looked at other successful multisite churches (like Summit in North Carolina and Redeemer in New York) and found several commonalities; they all utilize audiovisual technology to ensure that their people are hearing the same message from the same teaching pastor most Sundays, they have high quality men as campus pastors and dedicated staff at every campus.  

What is changing?

Staffing - We are committed to having capable and focused pastors and staff at every campus along with central management and messaging to maintain Trinity’s DNA throughout. We believe there is a need for an Executive Pastor to oversee all staff, and we have already begun the search process. The most significant changes this brings about are that effective immediately, Jeff Gangel will become the Oceanfront Campus Pastor and will continue as a Teaching Pastor, an elder and will continue to lead several church-wide ministries. His primary responsibility will be the care and feeding of the Oceanfront Campus.  Grant Gubser will replace Tommie Bozich as the Town Center Campus Pastor.  He will retain oversight of the Student Ministry. Please visit the Student Ministry 2020 Vision page for more details.  Now, each campus will have a dedicated Campus Pastor, and each campus will have a dedicated ministry assistant, worship leader, student ministry coordinator, children coordinator, and nursery coordinator.  The number of hours authorized for each of these positions will be based on the demands at each campus.  We believe this structure will work effectively for the near future and be scaleable as we continue to grow.

Preaching Schedule - We have made a commitment to utilizing technology as needed to ensure that all attenders as often as possible are hearing the same message from the same messenger.  The Campus Pastors will preach and serve communion at their Campuses on the first Sunday of each month, and Randy will preach at all Campuses either live or by video the other three Sundays.  This new schedule only requires Randy to preach two or three more Sundays per year, but increases the percentage of time all attenders hear him by 50% (from 50% of the time to 75%).  We believe that consistent messaging will create more unity within the entire church and will continue to do so as we add campuses.

Are we pursuing other administrative improvements?

Yes. The Elder Board, in conjunction with Church staff, is pursuing a Standard Operating Procedures/Best Practices initiative to standardize and maximize operations and procedures at each of our existing campuses and provide a model for the rollout of new campuses.

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