Trinity Kids & Home Ed

Trinity Church supports a parent’s right to choose their child’s education. In this season of pandemic, when your choices feel more limited, we want to equip you with the vision and tools to live an abundant life as a parent, educator, and disciple-maker. You are not alone!

Welcome to the world of home education. While this is not necessarily what you planned for this year, there are many unforeseen gifts that a season of home education can provide –  

  • More time to develop family relationships 
  • Being a louder voice of peace and joy in a panicked and scared culture 
  • Moving at your child’s pace 
  • Opportunity to know your child academically 
  • Time for your children to be together 
  • Getting to be a part of your child’s hard things 
  • Enjoying life together at a pace that allows for peace, trust, and adventure 

If you are feeling discouraged or overwhelmed at the task ahead, Trinity Church is offering one-on-one coaching and encouragement for the task of schooling and parenting. We have parents who have been home educating ready to mentor and cheer you on. Please complete the form below and we will reach out by text or email soon.

Books for Parents 

  • Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie 
  • Brave Learner by Julie Bogart 
  • The Call of the Wild + Free by Ainsley Arment 
  • Learning All the Time by John Holt 

Websites and Social Media  

  • Homeschooling in Hampton Roads Facebook Group – Very active! A friendly place for questions and lots of resources for temporary and longer term home educating families.  
  • Heidi St. John’s blog - - Very encouraging. 
  • Read Aloud Revival – – A reminder that just reading aloud is often enough. 

FAQs for School at home


Resources for Church at Home

Best Practices for Family Worship - Tried and true tips from parents to make family worship at home valuable to all

Kids Scavenger Hunt - Print one sheet for each K-5th child that they can use to "take notes" during the message

Preparing for Communion at Home - Prepared by our pastors to help you prepare in advance to participate in communion during an online service


Join us Mondays at 1pm EDT, click above to join the conversation or just listen!

Easter 2020 Activities

Click below to download “Camp Upside Down" an AT HOME experience to guide your family through Holy Week 

Your first visit

For parent's convenience and peace of mind each of our campuses features an electronic check in system. Upon arrival, please look for the Trinity Kids Check-in banner where tablets and printers are provided.  On your first visit, you will be asked to enter your child's information as well as parent/guardian contact info.  An adhesive name tag is provided for each child that has a tear off section for the adult to keep and use at pick up time.  After your first visit, you can check-in the whole family using your phone number. Please label diaper bags and cups to mark your child's items.  

If you’d like to be partnered with someone who can listen and help, please contact us and we will contact you soon.

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Trinity Kids - Infants to 5th Grade

Welcome to Trinity's Kids! As kids experience the wonder of God on Sunday mornings, we help our children discover a personal relationship with our Creator. It is our passion and our goal to send our rising 6th graders into middle school already knowing Jesus Christ as their personal savior. We have children's ministry activities at each of our campuses during each service. 

Our mission is to show the love of Christ to every child that walks, toddles, crawls or rolls in the door and to provide the level of care which allows their grown-up family to worship in a distraction free environment. We long to share the love of Jesus with every child each Sunday morning and hope that by the time they move to kindergarten, they know that God made them, God loves them, and Jesus wants to be their forever friend. Each of our campuses offers programs for Kids ages 2 months to preschool during our Sunday church services.

Four and five year olds are special little people who are learning everyday about themselves, the God who made them and the family that loves them.  

Children in kindergarten through fifth grade are learning every day about what it means to love God, love other people and serve Christ every day.  Trinity Church partners with families to support parents and grandparents in teaching and leading children in a life committed to Christ.  


We are always in need of wonderful, faith-filled, compassionate, patient volunteers to provide consistent care for our little ones at Trinity. Our volunteers must pass a background check, agree to church policies and covenants regarding care, and meet with our staff or elders. If you are interested in serving in this vitally important ministry at Trinity Church, please complete this simple form to contact Joni Hall, the Trinity Kids Administrator who acts as our point person for volunteers.  

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