Every summer, 1,500 university students from 60 nations come to Virginia Beach for the summer months to work and improve their English. The students are unaware that Jesus has plans for them to learn about Him through relationships with us!

Mark 16:15 And then Jesus told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.”

What is VB-J1 International Student Ministry?

J1 students serve you hamburgers. They clean hotel rooms. They sell you t-shirts in the shops. Who are they? They are J1 visa participants from all over the world who are here in Virginia Beach working during the summer season.

Trinity Church and other local churches partner with Virginia Beach Community Chapel (VBCC) in this ministry that is all about building relationships with the students, relationships that will change the world forever. If you are a follower of Jesus who longs to share His love with all nations, then this is your opportunity. It takes hundreds of volunteers to care for these students. There is a way for you to serve!

2020 Update

A small number of J1 students are coming to Virginia Beach this summer. J1 Cafe will feature pre-packaged meals and take place outdoors on blankets and lawn chairs making the relational aspect even more important. If you are at a higher risk for COVID-19, we encourage you to stay safe and rejoin us in 2021. The number of volunteer opportunities will be limited this year because of low student numbers and social distancing - if you would like to be contacted should an opportunity to serve be available, please use the form on this page. Please pray for the students who come and for the ones who are disappointed that they are not able to this year. 

J1 Cafe - the Heart of VB-J1

VBJ1 revolves around a dinner party called J1 Cafe that is held every Tuesdays from 7 - 9pm, mid-June through mid-August. We provide food and a friendly place to gather that is close enough to the oceanfront for the internationals to walk or bike, typically attracting 250 students each week. Tuesday nights, however, are only the beginning. Our ultimate goal is to get these students into your homes for meals and fellowship where life-long friendships are born, and Jesus is shared naturally through these relationships.

Trinity's 2019 VB-J1 Team

There is a place for you to serve in 2020!

Volunteer or Donate a Bicycle

About 350 international students made it to Virginia Beach this summer, despite COVID. If you have a bike in good working order that you would like to donate, or if you want to bake cookies or write encouraging notes to the students indicate your interest and we will contact you.

2019 recap video


Find J1 Cafe

J1 Cafe is hosted at the Virginia Beach Community Chapel, 1261 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach