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Because of continuing conflict in Israel, Trinity Church's 2024 tour with Faith Based Expeditions has been postponed indefinitely. We are continuing to monitor the situation in Israel and we lift this country up in our prayers. All deposits paid towards the trip will be automatically refunded.

A Message for Our Trip Registrants

Israel 2024 Trip Registrants,

I am thrilled to inform you that we will be refunding all deposits paid toward Trinity's 2024 Israel trip. Our leaders have prayed for a grace-filled resolution in this situation, and we praise God for answering our prayers as well as for Faith-Based Expeditions' willingness to refund the monies paid toward the Israel trip. 

Here are some important things for you to know about your Israel trip refund:

  1. You do not need to do anything to receive your refund. Because we have given Faith Based Expeditions notice of cancellation for the 2024 Trinity Israel Trip, each individual's reservation has been canceled as well, and refunds will be automatically processed.

  2. Receiving your refund could take up to 8 weeks from today. Faith-Based Expeditions asked us to make Israel trip registrants aware of this timeline.

  3. All monies paid should be refunded. Whether you paid the $500 deposit to reserve your place, paid for your entire trip, or any amount in between, you should be refunded 100% of what you sent.

  4. If you canceled your trip prior to today. For those who have previously canceled their Israel trip, you will likely remember that there was a $400 cancellation fee. This $400 fee will be refunded to you as well.

  5. As President Reagan said, "Trust, but verify." Once you receive your refund, please check your records to ensure that all funds paid were refunded to you.

One last, but important matter...

As you might imagine, COVID and the war in Gaza have significantly affected the tourist company's livelihood. Trinity is a church that believes in the power of prayer, and we often repeat the phrase, "Pray Now. Pray Often." I ask that each of us pause to pray for their families and company as they navigate this challenging season. Also, let us all continue to pray for peace, safety, and lasting resolution in the Middle East. 

Grace and Peace.

Robbie Hall
Reston Campus Pastor
Trinity Church

Need Help?

If you have further questions about the 2024 Israel trip, please fill out the contact form below and someone will reach out.

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