Campus REACH Focus

Trinity Church embraces a strategy for spiritual growth that has four steps: come to faith in Jesus, grow as his disciples, serve as Jesus served and reach those who do not know him. As Spirit-filled followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to reach out to others to make an eternal difference, both in our community and around the globe.

Each Trinity campus unites to reach its local community by identifying specific local needs and then investing in those needs to make a difference. You’re invited to help reflect Christ’s love to others and to share the Good News of the Gospel right where you live.

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Downtown Norfolk Campus

The William A. Hunton YMCA is located in one of Norfolk’s most impoverished neighborhoods. As one of the only six remaining YMCAs in the U.S. that are sustained by donations rather than membership fees, the Hunton YMCA meets the daily needs of 200 neighborhood families by providing breakfast, lunch, childcare, and educational resources. The Norfolk campus is coming alongside the Hunton YMCA to serve these neighbors by providing 1Died4All basketball camps, school supply giveaways, feeding and serving local residents as well as providing volunteer services.  I'm interested in REACHing Downtown Norfolk

Oceanfront Campus

W.T. Cooke Elementary School is located just 1.3 miles from the Oceanfront campus meeting space. More than 45% of the student body receives free or reduced-cost lunches and one in three students are from the Latino community. Many of the students come from families in which English is the second language and have transient living situations where they stay in Virginia Beach for just portions of the year. These students need immediate food assistance as well as academic support. The Oceanfront campus is committed to meeting the practical needs of Cooke Elementary students and supporting the faculty and staff in the tremendous work they do to educate and care for these children. The goal is to build lasting relationships with students and families through volunteers connecting one-on-one with students through mentorship and academic support while also providing support for the school's faculty.

I'm interested in REACHing the VB Oceanfront

Princess Anne Campus

The Princess Anne campus initially partnered with Parkway Elementary School in 2020 by responding to the need for a foodbank at the school. Since then, the campus has developed a relationship with Twin Canal Village (a subdivision that is home to about half of the students who attend Parkway) by sponsoring festival days, transporting students to 1Died4All Basketball Camps, and making and distributing lunches to residents in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. The campus continues to help with students’ physical needs by providing and distributing food through the Twin Canal and Parkway Elementary foodbanks, donating backpacks to students, and inviting families to services at our campus.  I'm interested in REACHing the Princess Anne community

Stuttgart Campus

The Stuttgart campus comes alongside Esther Ministries and other churches to help women who have made the decision to leave the brothel industry in Stuttgart. Trinity helps the ministry with clothing, safe housing, professional counseling, furniture, household items, prayer, and finds opportunities to raise awareness about the problem of the brothel industry.

We also partner with Haus Augustinus Senior Center, a living facility of 80 residents located near our Stuttgart meeting facility. The center’s residents suffer from loneliness, abandonment, or estrangement from loved ones. Trinity volunteers provided gift bags for residents during the quarantine. Upon re-opening, we will offer residents live worship, Bible teaching, gardening, crafts, games, and companionship. 
I'm interested in REACHing Stuttgart

Town Center Campus

Bettie F. Williams Elementary School, located in an ethnically diverse neighborhood near the Town Center meeting space, is a Title 1 campus.  Its student body is 95% African American. Although the school receives federal funding, Williams Elementary students have tremendous physical and relational needs. The Town Center campus is partnering with the Williams population to make friends, provide tutors/mentors, conduct special outreach events, complete renovation projects, and encourage staff and teachers with appreciation events and practical support.  I'm interested in REACHing Town Center

Trinity Online Campus

People who engage with Trinity Online are spread far and wide across the globe, making it challenging to rally around a physical location for outREACH.  All of us can reach others for Christ from where we are, by sharing our own story - who I was, what Christ has done for me and who I am now.  Invite others to attend Trinity Online, either with you at your location or from wherever they are.  Those who are near Stuttgart or any of our US locations are welcome to participate in the location that works for you - simply register your interest by clicking the button for that location.