Spirit-led and Elder-governed

Trinity is a church that is governed by the oversight of elders. Elders are chosen based on the criteria of I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 and rely on the Holy Spirit to lead them as they advise church staff as well as guide the vision and mission of Trinity.

New elders are vetted by the Elder Board and then presented to the church for congregational input. After receiving input, the Elder Board determines whether to move forward with a candidate and confirm that candidate as an elder. Elders serve for three-year terms that can be extended to four years by mutual agreement between the elder and the board. Elders meet twice monthly to pray over and discuss the work of Trinity Church.

Below you will see our current elders as well as any elders currently up for nomination. 

There is a 14-day window to send affirmations or concerns before they are confirmed and commissioned on August 21. Please direct all communication about these nominees to the Facilitator of the Elder Board, Mark Bondi - [email protected]



Elder Nominees

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Bill Curtis
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Julius Delbridge
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Steve Fitschen
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Nick Roberts


Bill Hart
Danny Dunaway
David Jarrett
Don Robison
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Jake McFerren
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John Kastner
Mark Bondi
Randy Singer
Teaching Pastor
Ron Rash
Ron Taylor
Scott Hoffman
Corporate Secretary
Steve Hadder
Tommie Bozich
Executive Pastor


Donna Fitschen
Prayer Downtown Norfolk (DN)
Anthony Mia
Rebecca Ferley
Trinity Women (DN)
Keith Schmitt
Trinity Men (DN)
Steve Fitschen
Adult Ed (DN)
Terry Foust
Prayer Oceanfront (OF)
Clint Mann
Yvonne Lingo
Trinity Women (OF)
Brian Gagnon
Trinity Men (OF)
Adult Ed (OF)
Cathy Yarber
Prayer Princess Anne (PA)
Patty Fitzpatrick
Jen Maggiore
Trinity Women (PA)
Joe Maggiore
Trinity Men (PA)
Adult Ed (PA)
Michelle Garcia
Prayer Town Center (TC)
Patricia Hankley
Brittany Hoffman
Trinity Women (TC)
Ben Stickley
Trinity Men (TC)
Richard Kidd
Adult Ed (TC)