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What is RightNow Media?

RightNow Media is an online video streaming service provided by Trinity Church to you for FREE. Trinity members can gain access to over 20,000 biblical videos which can be viewed at home with their family or community groups.


David Colonna | Oceanfront Campus Pastor

"My community group went through this 11 week study and we absolutely loved it and have recommended it to every community group leader since then. JD Greear does a tremendous job taking these Old Testament stories (that are often strange and obscure) and shows us how applicable the principles from these stories are to our lives today. The quality and content in the videos and the free print resources will help your group wrestle with these stories featuring the Israelite judges; facilitating great discussion as you consider how your life should change in light of those stories."

Tommie Bozich | Executive Pastor

"Using the example of the captured Israelites living in Babylon, Tim Keller leads a rich study on how a believer can thrive in their walk with Christ—not by isolating from culture, but rather by engaging with it and being a blessing to it, just like God called his exiled people to be. The book and videos promote a lot of interaction and give practical steps for how your group can reflect Jesus' example of being 'in the world but not of it.' I found it to be really practical and challenging in all the right ways."

RoseEllen Countiss | Downtown Norfolk Campus Coordinator

"This animated series for children is based on the 1980s series of the same name. Two children, Chris and Joy, are accompanied by a robot friend named Gizmo as they time travel into actual stories in the Bible. I love how the stories of the Bible that they visit have real life applications and lessons that Chris and Joy can bring back to their own lives and storylines. As a family we have watched this series for years and it continues to bring a new perspective to familiar Bible stories along with real life applications."

CRAZY LOVE by Francis Chan
Gabby Range | Director of Trinity Ministries

"This study is perfect for any group. I love that it is relevant for seekers and new believers but still reminds long time believers of the crazy love of Jesus. It brings us back to the basics of the Gospel while reminding us to return to our first love, Jesus."

Cristopher Foster | Creative Director

"This children's show is in the throw-back style of Mr. Rogers and Mary Poppins. The entire production team is comprised of one family: the Wolavers (of the Annie Moses Band). They all attended Juilliard for music, so the songs are first class. They invite your children to do forgotten things: play stringed instruments, read classic novels, write poetry, and know Jesus. They don't talk down to children: one episode covers how to deal with bullies who threaten them for being a Christian. Thanks to this show, my toddler now dances around, screeching notes on an old violin, singing Jesus songs."

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