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Trinity Church exists to make disciples who exalt Jesus Christ and honor God's Word in all that they say and do. We will help people come to faith in Jesus Christ, grow as his disciples, serve as Jesus served and reach those who do not yet know him. We can only do this by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit.





A small group of believers in Virginia Beach began to meet and pray over the formation of a new church that would strive to make disciples who exalt Jesus Christ and honor God’s Word in all they say and do. Trinity Church was the result of those prayers. To find out more about our history, beliefs and practice, you can sign up to join one of our Discover Trinity Sessions, taught by an elder and staff member who will help answer all your questions.



Trinity Church meets in four locations around Hampton Roads, one in Northern Virginia, and in two international locations. In addition to Sunday services, we have events throughout the week where you can meet the campus staff and other Trinity attendees.



We affirm our belief in historic Christianity as revealed in the Scriptures and summarized in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. We believe in the authority of Scripture and all that it teaches, and that it is our call to make disciples.



  • What denomination is Trinity Church?
    Trinity Church is a non-denominational church with an Anglican tradition. We find great value in many of the traditions and liturgies of the Anglican church, but we are not officially part of the Anglican Communion or any other denomination. Our Statement of Faith, expression of worship, and other matters of local church practice are uniquely ours, defined by careful examination of God's Word and our local context.
  • Why does Trinity use liturgy?
    At Trinity, one of our often used sayings is "The glory of the old, with the promise of the new." We recognize that God continues to do new things among his people and his church, and that is why we continue to sing new songs and try new things in our services as the Spirit leads. However, we also recognize that there is such a rich tradition in the 2,000 year history of the Christian church. Utilizing liturgy allows us to remember that the Christian faith did not start when Trinity Church started, but people have been following Christ for centuries. When we utilize these prayers and liturgies in our services we are reminded of the great testimony of witnesses that have gone before us and we are reminded that we are a part of an ancient and still alive faith. Liturgies often give us words to say in our communication with God and with others, when we find that the words we come up with in the moment fall short. Liturgies are a tremendous tool to bless the church as they pray and live life together!
  • Why should I become a member?
    While church membership is an increasingly foreign concept in some areas of the world today, we believe that there is great value in making a commitment to being a part of a local expression of the church. When someone becomes a member at Trinity Church, they are saying that they want to commit to being a part of the local church body at Trinity, and they are committing to support the mission and vision of the church at large. There are also some specific roles of leadership that are reserved for members such as serving on our Sunday morning prayer team, serving as a deacon at the campus level, and other roles where we want to have assurance of alignment with our statement of faith. However, becoming a member at Trinity Church is less about what benefits/opportunities the individual person receives and more about honoring the Lord through a commitment to a local body of believers.
  • What should I wear?
    Our attendees’ attire range from jeans and a t-shirt to suits and dresses. Feel free to come in clothes that you feel most comfortable in. Clothes are required though!
  • Can someone watch my child during service?
    Yes! Children from infant to fifth grade are invited to be a part of Trinity Kids! Plan to arrive 15 minutes early to get through the first time check-in process. Once check-in is complete, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers will go straight into their classrooms while older children will be dismissed to their classes after a time of worship with you in the service.
  • Do you have anything for my middle/high school student?
    Trinity Church has an awesome students program for middle school and high school students! They meet on Sunday evenings, and have events throughout the week. Check out our students page for more information on upcoming events.
  • What version of the Bible does Trinity use?
    In our worship services, Trinity Church utilizes the NIV 2011 version - however, we recognize that all English translations are an attempt to take original documents written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek and write them in a way that is understandable for the English reader while honoring the meaning and intent of the original authors. In light of that, Trinity Pastors will at times refer to other translations of Scripture when appropriate.
  • Why is it sometimes a video sermon?
    Trinity Church is ONE church meeting in multiple locations. Part of remaining ONE church while meeting in multiple locations is having all locations hear from a common communicator on a given week. While Campus Pastors preach to their specific campuses typically once a month, the hope is for all campuses to hear from the same communicator on most Sundays. In order to accomplish this with many services happening at the same time, we utilize video sermons to allow all campuses to hear the same message without having to all be in the same place. This technology allows us to be united by hearing the same message even though we are not all gathering at the same location.
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