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Hannah Raas

Campus Coordinator

Hannah serves as the Campus Coordinator at the Stuttgart Campus. She was born and raised in Germany and lived there her first 13 years. Being part of a military family, she moved around quite a bit after that. 

Before moving to Stuttgart in 2021, with her Husband and two children, her family had lived in the Florida Panhandle enjoying the white sandy beaches.  Within 2 months of their arrival in Stuttgart they found Trinity Church and knew this would be their new Church home. Hannah served in several areas in the church and was very active in Student Ministry up until the time she accepted the Campus Coordinator position. 

Hannah has a passion for getting people connected in church and helping them grow in their faith through community. She attributes her personal growth in her faith to the people in her community groups and the nurturing and caring hands of many within the church throughout the years. 

Hannah's background is in Business operation and management, with a focus in Real Estate acquisitions/holdings, construction and Administration. Hannah still owns a Real Estate holdings company and Administrative company. 

In her free time she loves to travel with her family and explore all Europe has to offer. She loves Skiing, going on bike adventures with her children and baking bread.

Hannah Raas
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